What can you learn from Ashton Kutcher to improve your financial situation?

What can you learn from Ashton Kutcher to improve your financial situation?

Did you know that Ashton Kutcher was a biochemical engineer before he became an actor?

At 21 he started a technology company and several years later was an angel investor in several start-ups including Skype and Spotify.

In 2007 he noticed something interesting happening in consumer technology and consumer literacy rates were going up. A lot of data was being collected and stored in clouds and he became obsessed with the cloud concept and enterprise computing.

But did you know his greatest investment was when he got together with Brian Chesky and confounded AirbNb?

One of his motivations for this investment was the fact that his father worked in a factory all his life and they never went on vacation. For Ashton Kutcher, this company, was able to give vacations to everyone.

AirbNb was to him the democratization of space, such that it would bring people closer… Opening your home to strangers is scary as it is your personal space.

As soon as they started becoming successful, there were a lot of forces suddenly noticing them and pushing back. One of these was hotels… Driven by pure greed and trying to retain their monopolies, they fought hard… But in the end, people chose AirbNb over hotels because it was cheaper and gave more value. A few incidents were orchestrated to show why it was terrible and scary to stay in someone’s house. There were protests from hotel workers who lost jobs…

Anyway, listening to Ashton Kutcher today, I have newfound respect for him… What a nerd!

I always thought he was just an actor in goofy movies..  So far he has invested in 120 tech startups. Every month he reads 1000 business proposals…

I feel like I have been hit by a ton of bricks… Completely thrown off track!

PS… Today, he has an estimated net worth of 200 million dollars. He still looks back on amazement to the days his father couldn’t afford to take him out his siblings to the clubhouse swimming pool

Also… I wonder if Airbnb will recover post COVID.. I wouldn’t want to host a stranger in my house right now but knowing Ashton the way we do now as though we were personal friends, we think he will land on his feet.

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