Vacuum Pumps for the Air Conditioning Unit technician

Vacuum Pumps for the Air Conditioning Unit technician

The Air Conditioning Unit is a crucial piece of equipment for the summer and during the extreme hot weather recently experienced. You may find that your Air Conditioning Unit has blown and it needs to be repaired.

It is important to know some of the steps that your Air Conditioning technician will take. One of these is cleaning up all the sediment that has clogged up the Air Conditioning Unit. He will need a vacuum pump to do these tasks. Here are some vacuum pumps that come highly recommended.

There are many tools that an air conditioning unit technician requires as he goes about the daily services of helping consumers keep their air conditioning unit functioning.

But perhaps the single most important tool that he requires regularly is the vacuum pump.

Now what is the purpose of a vacuum pump? Think about it. The name, vacuum is a dead give-away. Much like the normal house vacuum cleaner, the vacuum pump removes undesirable materials that usually clog up the air conditioning unit and the refrigeration system. These particles could come from moisture, air and hydrochloric acid.

In addition to the above elements, there is always other stuff that could get pulled into the air conditioning unit. A variety of solid materials including dust, wind pollen, just about anything could get into your air conditioning unit and needs to be removed.

The two-stage pump is better than the single-stage pump for better removal and cleaning and evacuations.

Now, let’s examine some two-stage vacuum pumps.

Two-Stage Vacuum Pumps for the Air Conditioning Unit

VIVOHOME 110V 1/3 HP 4CFM Single Stage Rotary Vane Air Vacuum Pump and R134a AC Manifold Gauge Set Kit

This unit is perfect for removing moisture before filling up the refrigerant to your air conditioning system. It comes conveniently packaged for better and easier carrying.

XtremepowerUS 3CFM 1/4HP Air Vacuum Pump HVAC R134a R12 R22 R410a A/C Refrigeration Kit

Simple but very powerful, this vacuum pump for your air conditioning unit is highly efficient yet has very low noise output. In addition it has an internal high volume cooling fan to extend the use of the vacuum pump.

Bonus Video on Vacuum Pumps

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