Thinning hair? Use this for 3 months and see spectacular results

Thinning hair? Use this for 3 months and see spectacular results

The Facts about thinning hair

Let’s face it. Thinning hair can be so cool and look so distinguished if you have the confidence to carry it. Some of the celebrities we think are hot, have no hair.

Also some serial killers have no hair.

There is a very thin line between looking like a celebrity or a serial killer. A few people might give you the benefit of the doubt and mistake you for a wealthy celeb.

Anyway better to be safe than sorry so we are going to recommend some hair growth products. But first things first, what could be causing the thinning hair?

Causes of thinning hair

Too much sex

Sexual transmitted disease such as sphyllis
Hormonal imbalances
Scalp infection

In other news,

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, Facial Plastic Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, says the most common pattern of hair loss in men is the recession. He points out other type of patterns in men are the development of hair loss in the crown, which is harder to treat; and the diffused thinning along the top of the head. He also explains hair loss becomes noticeable in the mid to late 20’s and early 30’s and it will progress for the rest of an individual’s lifetime.

Products we recommend

Bonus video on how to style thin hair

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