TechFoxx needs great and amazing guest content writers

TechFoxx needs great and amazing guest content writers

TechFoxx, should be up and running in the next few days. Our developers are working extremely hard to get this site going.

Would you like to contribute to the content on TechFoxx?

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We are currently accepting content for the website, and will give you all the due credit as guest writer.

What kind of articles is TechFoxx looking for?

Articles in your specialist niche, where you are an expert at. Look out for the categories that we will list soon.

Will TechFoxx pay me to write?

Not at the moment. But you are welcome to add your personal credentials to the post as a valuable guest contributor.

How do I contribute to TechFoxx?

Create an account and write and submit content and it will be published with your links intact if approved.

How long will it take for TechFoxx to approve my article?

Guest articles will be approved daily and instantly, as long as they meet the standards which we shall outline shortly.

How many words should a submitted article have?

A minimum of 600 words organized into various subtitles. We encourage the use of the table of contents. You may add your own affiliate links

If you have any suggestions on how we could improve, please leave comments below. Thank you so much for your very kind patronage. We certainly do not take it for granted.

Rival TechFoxx

Rival TechFoxx

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