Sports Law and Social Activism

Sports Law and Social Activism

Perhaps you are wondering how you could become more socially aware through understanding sports laws?

We live in an era of empowerment across the board and Sport’s Law has served to empower sports persons and give them a voice to air out their view of the world in specifics and in general.

How social activism has evolved

Social activism in sport has gradually developed since early in the 20th Century when Jesse Owens lifted his fist to protest against the widespread racism he faced on his way to winning multiple Olympic gold medals in the 1936 Olympic games held in Berlin, Germany as Hitler’s Nazi movement was beginning to pick steam.

The 1960’s saw a revival of social activism in sports especially with regard to racism which has been a recurring problem in the American society to date.  First, it was the collective voice of the National Basketball Association players led by record eleven time NBA championship winner Bill Russell.  This came at a decade when revered African American icons Martin Luther King Jnr and Malcolm X who had been in the forefront against the fight against racism and social discrimination in general were assassinated.

Not long after, legendary boxer Muhammad Ali sacrificed the prime of his boxing career by willingly facing suspension from boxing as a result of vocally refusing to be drafted into the army to fight Vietnam in a war that he insisted was against his personal beliefs.  Muhammad Ali succeeded in uniting several fronts of likeminded sports people from different sports to combine their voice in collectively condemning a war that the United States eventually lost embarrassingly.

In the early 70’s, Oscar Robertson dominated the social activism sphere of Sport’s Law with a class action that has been credited for creating generational wealth for subsequent athletes who have plied their talents in the National Basketball Association.  Along with the other player representatives of the NBA teams and as President of the NBA players union, Oscar Robertson instituted a class action that challenged and anti-trust provision in the league’s regulations that restricted player movements and gave the NBA franchises an unfair legal advantage that allowed them to exploit players.

Eventually, the NBA franchises conceded and settled the lawsuit with Oscar Robertson and the other player representatives and set the platform for the empowered NBA players of today. Personally, Oscar Robertson benefiting as he was finally able to get his much desired trade from the Cincinnati Royals to the Milwaukee Bucks where he finally won an NBA championship to cap his legendary NBA career which had seen him become the first player average a triple double in the league.

Social activism in the sports world seems to have erupted again recently in the 21st century and has been popularized by athletes with a huge public following from athletes plying their trade in Europe to athletes in the United States of America.

Colin Kaepernick sparked a movement in 2016 when he started kneeling during the national anthem which led him to lose his job as an NFL player and he remains unsigned. However, his movement has been revitalized in 2020 after the killing of George Floyd by police officers which has led to the NFL ironically apologizing to Colin.

The Major League Soccer has also subsequently overturned a rule that outlawed kneeling during the national anthem despite vain protests from President Donald Trump.

10 Books on how to become more socially aware

Lately we have been more socially aware of everything going on around us. Still, there is space to become better aware without compromising your beliefs and valued opinions. Going through Amazon we came across the following books which are new and influencing a lot of people now. You might want to look into them.

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