Signs of erectile dysfunction you wish you knew earlier

Signs of erectile dysfunction you wish you knew earlier

Now, the problem with erectile dysfunction is that it creeps up on you very silently like a thief, and you wake up one day and you cannot perform.

Wait! I can hear you thinking out loud, saying I am only 25 years old and so I still have 30 more good years before I can worry about this. Or you don’t have a girlfriend today so you don’t care..

FACT… Erectile dysfunction affects guys as young as 18. Let’s talk about a few famous people who have suffered this calamity

Jay Z
According to Celebrity Fashion, Jay Z might suffer with Priapism. Priapism is a form of erectile dysfunction that is defined as persistent erections. It’s unclear if Jay Z has Priapism because of over use of drugs like Viagra and Cialis, but over use of these drugs is linked to Priapism. The condition is painful and leads to erections lasting more than four hours.

Michael Douglas
Douglas detailed his gratefulness to the invention of Viagra in an article from the AARP Magazine.

Bob Dole
As a conservative in the 90’s, Bob Dole, was the first celebrity to come out to raise awareness to erectile dysfunction, according to Fashion Underground UK

Donald Trump
It’s said that tons of viagra are purchased by the White House every month.

Ben Affleck recently shared his negative experience with Viagra, telling Playboy, “I took half and felt like I almost had a heart attack. I had to sit down, and all it did was make me sweat and feel dizzy. And really unnerved. I felt no sexual effects whatsoever.”

Anyway, let’s just get on the same page here, that erectile dysfunction is neither a rich man nor poor man disease.

WebMD suggests ways of helping your partner

Learn as much as you can about ED. …
Let him know how much you value him. …
Talk about how you feel. …
Stay positive. …
Adjust your sex life. …
Offer to go with him to the doctor. …
Remind him to let his doctor know how he’s doing. …
Keep up the other intimate parts of your relationship.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

10 products that can help

Bonus video on how to fix erectile dysfunction for good!

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