Learn how to love the job that you hate

Learn how to love the job that you hate

You know how you have that job that you hate? Well, today we are here to teach you how to love the job that you hate.

But first let me tell you about the time I was a debt collector. Actually the title was Acquisitions Associate. We spent our time acquiring money for the company.

After 6 months on the job, I started dreading going to work more and more each day. Here is the problem: when I got the job, I was like the worst debt collector ever. And my supervisor was on my case each minute, mentoring me and helping me improve. And I followed her advice because I just wanted to get to the middle of the pack, you know like, the average person in the office or school who is never noticed, so she would stop bothering me.

After I became the average debt collector, I thought she wouldn’t continue to hound me every minute I am at work on how to hone in my skills and become the best debt collector ever…so anyway, this lady says to me “Isaac Asimov, I see so much potential in you to become really good in this field. If I didn’t see this potential, believe me, I wouldn’t be bothering with you”.

And I just wanted to tell her, “Lady, I don’t see myself in this field. Could you just give me some peace and let me be so I can get through the day? Not only do I have to deal with crabby people but I also have to deal with your close supervision. I am applying for jobs day and night so I can get out of here!!”

But what comes out of my mouth instead is a wimpy cowardly, with a bright smile on my face “Oh yes, I see where I went wrong and I am going to try harder to improve!!” I think I finally found myself in the situation much the same as that of a watchman or building cleaner, who goes to law school at night and the boss thinks he has the potential to be the head watchman or the head cleaner.

As I said, I began to dread every day and began to dream of the day I would leave that job. Eventually I left. But looking back there are so many things I would have done to love my job.

Here is a few of them:

  1. Count the money that you earn daily and see the money as an incentive to use elsewhere and progress.
  2. Make friends at work and acquaintances that you can call upon someday to sell your services to. For example, if you are going to night school, anyone you are currently interacting with is a potential client. Spend this time getting contacts.
  3. Learn people skills and charm the hell out of everybody so that someday they will be your army. Have you seen celebrities on Twitter? Each one seems to have an unpaid army that will fight their every battles. Instead of spending time hating the job, develop your army.
  4. Think of yourself as making a difference to peoples’ lives and start branding yourself. Remember, you are your own brand and everything you do today, will follow you.
  5. Be the best at what you do and you can use this as a reference in future. Just imagine if you become the best in the mediocre job you are doing today, your current employers will give you excellent references in the future. Remember you are building your resume as you work on any job.

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