How to write intriguing articles for your blog

How to write intriguing articles for your blog

In my short career as a writer and as someone who still struggles to write great intriguing articles, I am often gobsmacked when I stumble onto a good statement, also known as a one liner.

Today Natalie Shure, while reacting to Mr Miller testing positive for the coronavirus, tweeted thus

“Stephen Miller is perhaps the single most gruesome asshole in an administration chock full of them. His sole contribution to public life has been to innovate new ways to impose suffering on some of the most vulnerable people on Earth. I absolutely fucking loathe him”

Wow! No, we aren’t shocked at the remarks. It’s absofuckinglutely gorgeous! Don’t you wish you could one day write something so flabbergasting, so outrageous, that it would be quoted by everyone

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