Dating online is a chore but it can be endured with these rules

Dating online is a chore but it can be endured with these rules

Yes nowadays everyone meets online. It is no longer as sketchy as it used to be. Remember those days when you would meet a partner online and you would have to lie that you met in church or you met at a work function or conference?

It is a brave new world and online dating is in. In fact, it is the only way to meet anyone with the lockdown going on and everyone sequestered in their houses! Phew! Big word there! Sequestered! Locked up like the cats..

Anyway, online dating is still tedious because weeding the wheat from the chaff can be frustrating. People lie about their wealth, their height even, their weight, their sexual prowess! Everything! It’s all lies…

But bear with us. Last week was a complete nightmare and a waste of time as we risked sneaking out to meet someone who turned out to be absolutely not like his profile.

On his profile he had advertised…

I am an old school gentleman who still believes in opening car doors and bringing flowers for no reason at all… I believe in holding hands as we stroll..
Yadda yadda yadda…

And we were thinking…

Come on dude!! I have my own hands…I am no geriatric yet. I can open the car door… In fact you will be shocked to know that I can actually drive the bloody car, let alone opening the door..
I want to hear how your presence in my life will upgrade me… I want you to buy for me the car as a gift, just for no reason, instead of flowers…

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