Cooking with wine successfully without drinking it is a science

Cooking with wine successfully without drinking it is a science

This one time I was obsessed with cooking shows, especially that one where the host would yell at all the cooks, I think it is Kitchen Nightmares or something, I used to see a lot of the cooks using beer and white wine in the food.

And I thought to myself, what a sheer waste! Good beer and good wine is for drinking, not for putting in the cooking pot.

But lately, I have become more sophisticated and a connoisseur of sorts. I have discovered that drinking wine while cooking with wine is such an exciting escapade.

I didn’t know my life had come to this. That I would get pleasure from adding an ingredient into the pot and sipping the other ingredient. The recipe said to add the white wine to the meat but I think that’s so offensive and such a waste. Finding it’s way into my tummy is so much more appropriate.

Forget decadence, wasting a good California wine, hell no that ain’t how I was brought up. I am not one to show off by cooking with wine in food, so yes, it’s found its way into the right place…oh dear, I have officially fallen off the wagon. Consider this my first not sober update in a few more to come…go California…

Alright, we jest! Cooking with wine must be tried by everyone! We can’t say enough good things about the food we created with one bottle of wine. Even if you are cooking rice and beans, adding a dash of wine, raises the meal to exciting new levels.

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