Change your old raggedy monitor into a touchscreen monitor

Change your old raggedy monitor into a touchscreen monitor

Listen up y’all! Did you know you can transform your old raggedy monitor into a touchscreen monitor without buying a new monitor?

This is an invention you want to invest in immediately because it will turn you into the cool neighborhood kid. That old mouse and keyboard will become a relic and you can sell them to someone else or drop them at the nearest thrift store.

How does it work

The device is mounted to the corner of your old monitor and plug it into any USB port and it begins its magic.

Once you mount it, you download the software for transforming your old monitor into touchscreen, activate and play.

It is so intelligent that it will recognize all your hand movements and translated into a touchscreen movement. All you need to do is attach the device and then download the software from the website. It is a plug and play system. 

The device is suitable for most sizes of monitors and will take up to 27 inch monitors. Thus it is alright to use with most monitors.  The device is available on Kickstarter.

However if like us, you aren’t overly experimental and will not rush into things before they are tried and tested, you might want to look at the wonderful touchscreen monitors on offer.

Why touchscreen monitors are great 

10 touchscreen monitors we recommend 

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